We try and cover questions you have in the FAQ and by creating an easy-to-use Game and interface. But if you have any questions that are not answered please ask them here. As we build a community of players each of us can bring our experience and advice to the community. All of us at imersU are part of this community and will be on hand to answer questions as soon as we can.

If we take longer than expected please bear with us. We are a growing community ourselves so may take longer than you or we would want to answer your questions. But we hope not.

We are building a digital community and so aim to keep all our communities questions, suggestions, responses and views online. So we are not intending to have a telephone call centre. We shouldn’t need one.

If however, this community forum system does not work, then please do write to us at info@immersivegymco.com and we will respond in person.

But if you have any questions that are not answered please see some Q&A below.

iOS, Android, Windows and MACOS
For Windows a decent graphics card for typical gaming will run imersU’s immersive environments. With Android and iOS models post 2020 should work well. The best way of testing is to download and use. Remember you have a risk-free 14-day free trial to test out the game.
The Companion App has been created for Windows where there are multiple players in the same room using the same PC. It allows for accurate and reliable transfer of data from the ergo to the Windows App to ensure a realistic and reliable experience as the boat moves at the same speed as is shown on the ergo monitor.

For Concept Two you need a USB C to USB B Cable/USB-C to Printer Cable.

C2 Cable








For Water Rower and RP3 you need Type C or micro USB (Check the Android device) to Mini USB Data Sync Charging Lead Cord Cable.

USB C to USB2 mini

Connect the cable to the erg monitor and the Android device and follow the on-screen instructions. For related advice see (link to COMPANION APP CONNECTION)

imersU uses the FTMS Bluetooth protocol and is designed to work with all ergos using that protocol.
No there are AI boats that can give you a similar experience. All you need to do is match your ergos split time with the split time you select for a race or for training.
We are capturing details on the course, time of day, weather and view and presenting in the context of Split Times and course completion times. We are doing this to help you and the rowing community discover of the various course settings can improve performance.
You can currently race with up to 7 friends or colleagues who are in the same room and connected to the same Windows PC or Laptop. We are working on a global racing feature that will allow any connected rower race against another connected rower anywhere in the world.
For private accounts the costs are £14.99pcm or £168pa. For commercial Licences for Rowing Clubs, Gyms, Hotels and Corporate please contact us on grouprow@immersivegymco.com. Prices for commercial licences range from £75 – £250 pcm net of VAT.

For FLOW ROW there are no stats collected by imersU. All stats will be on your own ergo and can be saved via their own method.

For CONNECTED rowing using the imersU Companion App these stats will be displayed on the course whilst you row and on a workout summary when you stop a row. Stats from CONNECTED rows will also be shown on the home screen for all solo rows.

If you have trouble connecting the Companion App to the game, try checking the following:

· Check you have an internet connection.

· Check ipv4 address – properties on internet connection; it will likely start with 192.168.0.

· Start imersU ROW

· Input IPv4 address into Companion App then add :3000 and give it time to connect. Sometimes it takes 10 seconds to connect. Make sure cable connects Companion App to Erg.

· If it doesn’t automatically pick up the erg then do a wake-up row then reset PM5, S4or other monitor to zero.

If your screen locks on loading it may be because the instructions have become mixed up. If this happens and pressing the ‘ESC’ key does not work then try pressing ‘ALT TAB’ and then close ImersU ROW using your mouse and restart the app. This clears the issue 99% of the time.

If that does not work, restart your PC.

Please inform us by email if this happens so we can look into it. When you write please give as much detail on what you did as possible. info@immersivegymco.com

Go to ‘Settings’ on the APP in the top centre of your screen and make sure you have selected the correct setting. For all standard displays select ‘REGULAR’. For 49” monitors select ‘ULTRAWIDE’.

The STUDIO setting is only for a full Immersive Gym installation.

See https://www.imersu.com/#setting-up or www.immersivegymco.com

Is the cable connected to the erg monitor and your phone.

Is the cloud icon green (if yes this means it is connected to the server)

Is the cable connection icon red or green? If red connect again, if green the cable is connected.

Is the rower icon orange?

Is the ERGO box on the PC / Laptop screen lit up? If not and your icons are green, pull on the bar of the ergo for a ‘wake-up-row’. This should then light up.

imersU takes data from the ergo to ensure 100% accuracy between the erg and imersU row boat movement. RESET TO ZERO each time you start a new activity so your monitor says ‘0’ metres whilst you are at the start. As soon as you start rowing you will see the distance on the erg monitor matches the distance on the imersU display.

With regards Smartrow, this is a closed system so you will need to connect to the S4. We have been in discussion with WaterRower on this. Their view is the Smartrow system is extremely precise, which matters for competitions and trials. The S4 measures power using a pulse which is the same for C2 and RP3 which then uses a formula to convert the data to speed. This makes the data less accurate than using a strain gauge but the user experience on a rowing app, including imersU, should not be detrimentally affected.

So I cannot connect my concept2 directly to the laptop running your software?

Do you need to connect concept2 to an android phone and then connect the phone to the laptop running your software

At the moment yes. Because the app works on C2, WaterRower and RP3 the Companion App principle is focussed on accurate data transfer to the laptop or PC via the network. We also wanted the flexibility of the erg to be at a distance from the server to not be reliant on cable length. This is because the Laptop or PC might be connected to an ultra-wide monitor, large screen or, in some cases to a server connected to immersive screens.

We are simplifying the connection process with the companion app. Once set up it’s very easy and reliable.

Once we can be sure the data transfer is very accurate and we can optimise the content, we will present an Android and iOS option. Our priority is quality of visual content so you feel the most connected to the ‘real-world’ and the dynamic weather features. This will cost us users but will deliver a better experience for those with the technology. Small but beautiful. As content becomes less data hungry and the mobile devices more powerful, we can bring the content to a broader suite of devices.

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