Immersive Indoor rowing

Bringing the outdoors indoors

Ultra-realistic virtual courses. Race with AI boats.



“It’s the metaverse of rowing without the headsets”

“The best indoor training environment for rowing in the world”
“First ultra-wide content for rowing”

“Blows you away!”

Tom George, Olympian, GB Rower, World Record holder and imersU Ambassador.


The benefits imersU ROW will bring to indoor rowing are huge. Users can enjoy what elite rowers experience and it will help bring rowing to the wider community, which is so important. The imersU ROW app can get the everyday person who is interested in rowing, involved in the sport by making the erg sessions more enjoyable.

Select your Course

Courses created in Unreal Engine, representing real-world courses with major landmarks. Currently includes The Tideway, Henley Reach, Paris and Tokyo. More courses on their way in 2023.

Row with CONNECTED rowing or FLOW ROW

Imogen Grant, Olympian, GB Rower, UK record holder.


I think imersU ROW is a fantastic place to start with indoor rowing. It enables you to feel like you are rowing and enjoying the outdoor experience. With the courses and choices, you can have something new every day. This is such a great tool to get new people into the sport.

Choose Time of Day

imersU creates dynamic weather conditions so the time of day goes by as you row. The light will change and you can row from dawn to dusk and into the night. With the light changing all the time the scenery constantly engages you whilst you row for as long as you want to train.

Start your session at





Select your Weather Conditions

Weather is predictably unpredictable and being used to any condition can help performance. Even with indoor rowing there will be days when the mood changes depending on the day outside. Test your mental approach by changing the weather conditions so you can mentally be prepared for any situation at any time. Learning to manage expectations and responding to challenges helps us grow physically and mentally.

You can now do this with indoor rowing and imersU by selecting a variety of weather conditions from CLEAR SKIES, PARTLY CLOUDY to (On Windows and MACOS) THUNDER & LIGHTNING.





Select your viewing direction

Rowing is one of a few sports where the athletes cannot see the finish line or distance markers. What if changing your view could change your performance?

With imersU players can choose between ROWER view, COX view or, if they want to see it from the perspective of an onlooker or coach then SPECTATOR view.

These choices give a unique and variable perspective bringing more choice and more variation to each workout.





imersU courses have between 2 –8 Lanes, depending on the course.
You can select to RACE against any category of rower with the imersU AI boats.
Race against yourself and multiplay racing is coming in 2023.
If you have a Windows set up you can Race up to 7 people when connected to the same computer. See CONNECTED RACING.

Race against Champions, Race against friends.  You can use dynamic split time settings to choose your competition.

Set yourself goals and use the AI to help you achieve them.

Choose your imersU set-up

imersU is available on iOS, Android, MACOS and Windows.
And, thanks to the FLOW ROW feature, you can use any rowing machine. As long as you can find a rowing machine you can imersU ROW. 



For those wanting an ultra-wide gaming experience imersU can be displayed on an ultra-wide monitor. Shown here is a 49” curved screen from Samsung. We have created a specific stand that optimises the screen height for maximum immersion and comes with a sound bar, keyboard and space for your CPU. 

Experience in full 220º field of view

For those wanting the ultimate in immersive fitness and created by Immersive Gym, imersU ROW can be experienced a in full 220º field of view. You can literally look over your shoulder and see competitors and the environment around you.