There are two main ways to train:

With TRAINING it is just you, the boat, the water and the environment.  A solo session*


Select the course and select FLOW ROW. Then select the speed of your AI boats by entering a 500m split time. Once you have made your environment choices and the countdown begins and your challenge is to maintain the split time on the erg monitor with the split time you have set for your AI boats.


With Connected Training you will need to connect the COMPANION APP

With CONNECTED TRAINING you are placed in the middle lanes. Your erg data is transferred straight into the game so your boat will move to the speed of your workout on the erg. In Training you can stop for water breaks and the world around you will keep moving.

*You may decide to TRAIN with friends. This works very well with imersU ROW. Your stats are shown on a panel on the screen with Stroke Rate, Split Times, distance travelled and more. Your friends can match one of the stats and row with you enjoying the environment.


ImersU AI boats are there to motivate you and help you improve. How fast they move is in your control.

Use them to set challenges, help you maintain a split time or to push you to beat your PB.

All AI boats move based on the 500m split time you enter. To give you a more realistic RACE experience we have programmed in some variable speeds based on the selected split time.


With TRAINING when you reach the end of the course, you will loop around and row back to the start and begin again.

The beauty of imersU and long distance training sessions, the dynamic weather and time of day will keep changing. Row into the Night or watch the sun come up at DAWN.