imersU Row

Gyms & rowing clubs

For Rowing Clubs and Gyms imersU ROW can bring a fresh approach to indoor Rowing for members.


Research has told us that erg sessions have been approached with some dread due to a lack of engaging content and a resistance to try the erg due to a lack of knowing how to row safely and effectively.

imersU ROW transforms the experience and can make solo or group training much more motivating.

Indoor rowing is a fast growing sport and, with 86% of muscle groups being used in a low impact way, Rowing is the perfect activity for those looking for efficiency and results.



GROUP CLASSES to rival Spin Classes or smaller ROW ZONES using existing ergos and an imersU ROW ‘STATION’ can help bring something new to members.

Where gyms and clubs already have projectors and screens, imersU ROW can offer an immediate, cost-effective and engaging opportunity for gyms and clubs.

Contact us at to discuss display options and prices.

Make indoor rowing the new high efficiency attraction in your gym and a means to attract new people to rowing in Rowing Clubs.