imersU Row

Companion ApP

imersU ROW is an immersive rowing game designed by rowers, gamers and environment creators. For elite rowers those new to indoor rowing and all those in-between.



“It’s the metaverse of rowing without the headsets”

“The best indoor training environment for rowing in the world”
“First ultra-wide content for rowing”

“Blows you away!”

companion app

*WaterRower / RP3: USB3.1 Type C / USB2.0 Mini B
Concept 2: USB B Cable/USB-C

Connected Rowing

For individual users then BLUETOOTH is a very quick and easy option. If you are using Windows and want to have multiple users race in the same venue and on the same Windows PC the Companion App is for you. This might be inside an Immersive Gym or in a gym or club.

Step One: Download onto any Android Device
Step Two: Connect cable from erg to Companion App*
Step Three: Follow on-screen instructions.

Google Play qr-code

GLOBAL multiplay is coming in 2023 where you can join the global imersU community on the same courses, each from your own venue.


If you don’t want CONNECTED you can enjoy all the same features using your AI boat to set the pace.

When you set your split time your boat and the other AI boats will move at the set split time with some variability for the ‘competing’ boats.

When you set the split time your AI boat will move at the selected speed.

To get into the FLOW just match your speed on the erg monitor to the split time of your AI boat. Distance markers on the courses will give you benchmarks every 250m.